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Aadrika Water Engineering Pvt Ltd, an organization manufacturer, supplier of Packaged Drinking Water Plant, Reverse osmosis plant, Water Bottle Filling Machine, Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine, Iron Removal Plant, Water Softening Plant, Arsenic Removal Plant, Fluoride Removal Plant, Swimming pool, Sewage Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, DM Plant.



Water Treatment Plant

SAMR Industries is manufacturer of Packaged Drinking Water Plant, Reverse osmosis plant, Filling Machine, Iron Removal Plant, Arsenic Removal Plant, Swimming pool, Sewage Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, DM Plant and importer & supplier of its others components.

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Mineral Water Plant

We are manufacturer, Turnkey Project Consultant for Mineral Water Plant or BIS / ISI Packaged Drinking Water Plant. We are truely Manufacturer of its machineries. Required Machineries are Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Antiscalant Dosing System, Micron Filtration, Osmotic pressure system (High Pressure Pump), Desalination System by Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element, Ion Controlling System, Storage of Mineral Water, Fine polishing filtration, U.V. System, Ozonization, Final treated water transfer pump, Re-Circulation of mineral water for Ozonization, Filling Unit, Pet Blowing Unit, Batch Coding Machine, BIS Lab set up etc.

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Water Treatment Equipments

We are manufacturer of RO Machine and We also supplier of Water Treatment equipments are Cartridge Filters and Housings, Dosing Pumps, Feed Pump and High Pressure Pump, Membrane & Pressure Tube, Pressure Vessel, Valves, Water Quality Monitoring Instruments and Test kits, UV System, Electrical Control Panel etc

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Demineralization Plants

Manufacture and supply of Industrial DM Plant which includes as Industrial DM Plant, Mix Bed Plant Pharmaceutical and D.M. Plant. Water Demineralization System is process to remove ionic material from water. These process follow get pure water .Demineralization take place in an ion exchange unit called as DEIONIZER that consist of caution bed, an anion bed and mixed bed in series. The mixed bed consist of both caution provide highest iron removal efficiency.

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Water Chilling Plant

We manufacturer high capacity chiller used for water chilling, various Lab and Industrial application. We use high quality of material to manufacturer these chiller to last longer and  trouble free operation to the user. We provide these chiller as per customer requirement of various capacity and temperature range. We manufacture the chiller in both Coil type evaporator as well as Plate type evaporator.

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Water Treatment Media

We are supplier of Water Treatment Media:: Treated Sand, Ion Exchange Resin for Softner, ISR ( Iron Specific Resin), High-Content Manganese Dioxide (MnO2), Amonium Bicarbonate, Activated Carbon, Pebbles, Gravels, Sand Media, Sodium Bi-Carbonate.

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Packaged Drinking Water Filling Machine

We are Manufacturer of Packaged Drinking Water Filling Machine Like Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine, Automatic Jar Filling Machine, Glass Filling & Sealing Machine, Jar Filling Machine, Jar Washing Machine, Pouch Filling Machine, Soda Filling Machine, Cup Filling Machine and Also we are ready to support customised Filling Machine as per your requirements.

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Water Treatment Gallery

SAMR Industries always focus new concept for Government. We offer innovative idea for Government project Like Mobile Water Treatment Plant (Disaster Managemen), Iron Removal Plant for Hand pump, UF Technology Water filter, Electro Chlorinator, Arsenic & Fluoride Water Filter, Big Iron Removal Plant for a Village.


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